SMEngineThe modern website management system SMEngine is the software that the company currently uses.

The system’s purpose is to manage the content of various websites from simple websites to more complex websites designed for presentations as well as Internet-portals and online mass media. SMEngine has a modular construction, meaning that the site was created on a foundation of SMEngine that may be improved and expanded if necessary.

The entire system is controlled by an administrator through the internet-browser. No special software/web-design knowledge or technical skills are needed. Any PC user familiar with office applications can easily navigate as well as manage the system. The system is grounded on our long-term experience, gained through delivery of hundreds of projects for clients in Ukraine and abroad.

SMEngine has open API that enables it to create new modules as well as update existing ones.

The system’s fundamental design enables its development of several sites by simple CMS and database copying with continuous updates. Key functionality laid out in ActiveFramework can be found on every site.

When a user happens to navigate a website created on the basis of SMEngine he or she is then recognized with the help of any standard web-browser. However, due to the interactive elements used in the administrative component of the site, Internet Explorer must be updated to a version of 5.5 or higher in order for the administrative component to function properly.


SMEngine-based website contain many advantages as following:

  • Multilingual support
  • Allows for the creation of an unlimited number of pages as well as the ability to manage the website’s structure.
  • Makes it possible to restrict access to pages from specific users or groups.
  • Allows one to edit and create unrestricted publication chains with an unrestricted set of properties.