Online business bookstore "Vlasna Sprava"

The online business bookstore “Vlasna Sprava” – is a collective Ukrainian portal for the entrepreneurs of and its partners.

The portal has existed since 2011. The aim of the project was to give informational business support in Ukraine. During the existence of the portal there have been thousands of materials published and has been visited by approximately 2 million Ukrainian entrepreneurs. This project was initiated by a group of organizers of many important events in Ukraine’s business sector. The purpose of the project was to grant its users the ability to conveniently order business literature when necessary.

The online business bookstore “Vlasna Sprava” contains thousands of books on various subjects, practically on all areas which may be of interest or needed by a modern entrepreneur: economics, general business questions, economic analysis, accounting, auditing, marketing, business management, wholesale and resale trade, merchandising, logistics, sales, PR, advertising, branding, human resources, business finance, entrepreneurship, consulting, business exchange, organizational culture, organizational behavior, paperwork, secretarial and office work, personnel service, foreign economic relations, custom businesses, business self-management, commodity, and many others.

The top online business bookstore “Vlasna Sprava” ships products to its customers via the Ukrainian Postal Service from Kiev.

We invite you to visit the online business bookstore “Vlasna Sprava.”