Information portal for the "Ukrainian Publishers and Booksellers"

The information resource has became an important tool for Ukrainian publishers and book distributors as well as a highly valuable source of information and knowledge useful for all participants of the Ukrainian book market. The Internet portal is designed to aid Ukrainian publishers and book distributors on the Internet and outside of the necessary relevant information about the book industry in Ukraine when it is most crucial. This Ukrainian book portal helps publishers improve their businesses by providing easy access to information regarding the necessary equipment and materials needed, useful resources, national and international organizations and companies as well.

The primary objectives of this Internet portal is to promote a more competitive bookselling market in Ukraine, to improve the work of Ukrainian publishers and booksellers, to provide access to the most useful and relevant national and international news and business resources as well as to increase the circulation of books produced and sold in Ukraine.

The project was implemented with the support of the MATRA program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, the International Fund “Vidrodzhennya” (Renaissance) and the Fund for Central and Eastern European Books Projects of Amsterdam.