Activemedia Launches an English-Version of its Website

The Ukrainian company Activemedia has now launched an English-version of its website at the end of May 2012.

Activemedia's original website was written in Russian, however, now with the launch of its English website the company hopes to expand larger and internationalize itself within the modern global market. Its English website should help many viewers worldwide learn its company. The English-version is practically a mirror-image of the company’s original Russian-version of the website.

Within Activemedia’s English website one can:

  • Learn about the company and its history
  • View news updates regarding the company and its clients
  • Learn more about the company’s current projects, clients and partners
  • View a portion of the company’s diverse portfolio
  • Learn about the company’s products and services including its SMEngine platform
  • Contact the company and view its location
  • And much more!

To view the company's English website go to:

To view the company's Russian website go to: